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Gabby and Huck & Peck : Peas & Carrots!

For Huck & Peck, a partner like Gabby Home, another company named after a special Grandparent, Gabriela White, was like Peas and Carrots!

"At Gabby, we are constantly striving to change the way our customers think about furniture. Yes, we are often inspired by antique or found pieces but we like to go one step further. We often add materials such as antique mirror, iron accents, fabric, giving our products unique details that separate them from the masses."- William White

Gabby has a boutique feel, and yet they have a large collection and stock lots of just in time merchandise. William, Wynne and Bew White are always searching for new inspirations and I just feel connected when talking with them, they are a truly "Family Run Business" that cares on a personal level about all of their customers.

Gabby has hundreds of offerings. From occasional tables to tailored sofas, and swivel chairs, to Mirrors and sconces. The Clay chandelier has been shown in a dozens of popular magazines and the Helena sofa is a store favorite that includes a matching chair. 

Gabby's side tables, lamps, and signature chandeliers are just some of the in-stock Items Huck & Peck is featuring everyday at the best possible prices. 

Right now, one of our favorite chandeliers is the Grayson Chandelier. It works really well over breakfast tables or in bedrooms, and you can complement this fixture easily with the Shirley sconce! 

From the Gabby experts: How to pick the perfect Lighting for your space.

  1. What do you want to accomplish? Lighting is a layered art. Overheads work with sconces, and lamps to create task lighting, decorative lighting, or both. Recessed can lights are ideal for illuminating an entire room. Strategically placed fixtures and lamps, while purposeful, can also highlight furniture and artwork.
  2. Consider how your lighting choices work with your furnishings. Gabby offers transitional looks that can lean traditional, farmhouse chic, or contemporary depending on how and where they are used. Partnered with contrasting or complementary furnishings can change the entire feel of a room.
  3. What kind of mood do you want to convey? Do you prefer well-lit spaces or quiet, contemplative rooms with ambient light? Think about how natural light changes as the day moves from morning to night and outfit each space accordingly. Always use a dimmer!
  4. Plan with technology in mind. Home automation systems can be as simple or detailed as you wish. Thanks to wireless technology, you can change your home’s atmosphere by pre-programming switches to a variety of settings and schedules. This means more security while traveling, coming home to a well-lit house, and dimming lights for the party without going room to room to click on/off buttons.

Michael Turner 


Huck & Peck

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